Why Stacy Davidson Your Shear X-pert? 
The Scissor Doc is The Best...................

* Shears are not just sharpened, they are fully reconditioned

* Shears are quickly and professionally serviced in your salon

* Sells only the Finest Professional Salon Tools

Why Select Stacy Davidson Your Shear X-pert
 The Scissor Doc?

* Shears are Inspected, disassembled, cleaned, and the inside ride is hand honed to like new condition

* Micro-Fine polishing removes a minimal amount of metal, increasing the life of your shears

* Shears are diamond honed to a razor sharp edge

* Water-Cooling is used during sharpening protects shears from heat damage

* Control sharpening arm ensures correct and consistent blade edge angle on right and left handed shears

* Reassembly includes, new washers and bumpers if needed at no extra charge

* Oil, set the tension and adjust the tip closure

* Master Sharpener 

* Factory Trained and Factory Certified Sharpener

* Certified by multiple shear companies to do their sharpening warranty work Aikyo, Arius Eickert, Debut, Dynasty, Kansai, Mirage, Shisato, Yasaka, Yoko, Yuroshi,....

For Sales Or Professional Factory Style
In-Salon Shear Sharpening CALL!

Stacy Davidson
Master Sharpener