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Mobile In-Salon Shear Sharpening Service

We understand the cost associated with a pair of  high quality shears in today's market. What's more,  we understand the stress that can be
experienced when placing your livelihood into an envelope or someone else's hands and have them leave your sight to be
sharpened. Gone,
sometimes for days.

The last thing you want to happen is to have them be  damaged in transit or worse, lost somewhere in the system. That's a very expensive gamble.
Stacy Davidson Your Shear X-Pert,  provides
on-site high quality, full factory reconditioning
 right where you work. So, while you work on a client, it's  comforting to know that your expensive shears are right in  the next room or at the last station being sharpened to  factory specs right under the same roof. Where they should be









                                                                     INCLUDES TX SALES TAXES

Service all types and makes of HAIRSTYLIST SHEARS including Shisato, Tara, Centrix, Joewell, Jaguar, Hikari, Nic, Fromm, Bonika, Matsuzaki, Yasaka, Kamisori, Hardcore, Keiki, Washi......
        Thinning, Texurizing, Blending
              Right and Left-Handed Shears

Certified by multiple shear companies to do their sharpening warranty work: Aikyo, Debut, Dynasty, Kansai, Mirage, Shisato, Yasaka, Yoko, Yuroshi..................